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The Walsh “style” TLS-4 by Dale Harder


The TLS-1 designed by Dale Harder.

The ultra new TLS-4 is a Walsh “style” tweeter/mid-range module. While it is also based on the Lincoln Walsh principal, it is an entirely new product with many exciting features. The TLS-4 was created to bring “Walsh awareness” to the masses and it is an affordable alternative to the larger sibling TLS-1 and 2 models.

We are currently offering the TLS-4 to the DIY speaker enthusiast market.

Frequency Response200 Hz - 25 KHz 
Sensitivity90 db @ 1 meter, 1 watt input 
Driver4.5” diameter single cone
6.5” high
magnet 1.5 lb ferrite
1” Ferro Fluid cooled Voice Coil 
9,500 gause
Impedance (nominal)4 ohms 
Recommended Amplifier50 watts nominal
Max Power 3 seconds: 150 watts
30 seconds: 75 watts
Continuous:40 watts
Horizontal DispersionFull 360 degree sound radiation pattern 
Vertical Dispersion3 db down @ +/- 50 degrees from horizonal. 
Protective FuseNone 
Amplifier ConnectionPlastic/nickel banana binding post 
Dimensions6.5” tall by 6” diameter
WeightLightweight, just 2.5 lbs.
Recommended Room Sizes100 to 300 sq.ft. 
Other Attributes Fully Time and phase Coherent 

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