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HHR-Exotics Warranty policy
HHR-Exotics offer a limited 3 year limited warranty on all workmanship and materials supplied by HHR on repairs, rebuilds and upgrades. Limitations apply to parts that are reused, such as cabinets, veneers and magnet assemblies. All New products are fully warranted for a period of 5 years from date of purchase with the exception of driver damage due to exceeding driver parameters such as X-max, resulting in the crushing of the driver cone.

>> (Please see sales agreement and damage waiver.)

Exceeding the X-Max, (maximum travel) capability of the driver will cause irreparable damage to the metal foils that comprise the bulk of the cones construction.

This limitation exists for all known drivers, including piston, ribbon, electrostatic, and other exotics, and is not just a limitation of HHR-Exotics products.

Overdriving your loudspeakers by playing them TOO LOUD will void your warranty as this limitation is beyond our control.

Below you will find some examples of damage done by over driving, this damage is NOT covered by your warranty!

>> A note about shipping.

Damage caused by overdriving, this is not covered in your warranty!


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