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Some Examples of Our Processes
Walsh Style TLS-1

New Walsh Style TLS-1 with new style grilles.
Walsh Style TLS-1

New Walsh Style TLS-1 Hybrid with custom Honey Mt. Cherry cabinets with grilles removed.
Walsh Style TLS-1

TLS-1 with custom Rosewood cabinetry.
Walsh Style TLS-1

TLS-2 With Oak veneer.
Walsh Style TLS-1

Close up of the Walsh Style TLS-2 Driver.
New Hardwood Base

TLS-1 2 inch wood cabinetry (unfinished).
New Cones

New cones with series 2I voice coils.
New Voice Coils

New 3.9 gram edge wound anodized aluminum high temperature voice coils.
Stair-step oak bracing

New stair-step oak bracing installed in re-manufactured TLS-1 Hybrid cabinettry for resonance control.
Walsh Style TLS-1 cones

Beginnings of a new Walsh Style TLS-1 cone.

Precision turned wood mandrels for
cone forms on Walsh Style TLS-1 and 2.
Walsh Style TLS-1 cones

Cones during various stages of assembly.
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More Photos of Our Product and Process

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