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Praise for HHR-Exotic Speakers

Some of the things our customers have to say about HHR…

"Dale lists over 60 improvements he's made to the design on his website, but what matters to me is the subjective experience. You'll have to audition a pair to understand, but I've never heard anything better. Maybe louder, but not better.

If you enjoy the sound of live performers in a real room, you'll love the TLS-1s.

You'll get:

  • Mind-blowing “being there” realism.
  • Silky-smooth coherent, crossover-free frequency response from end-to-end.
  • Beautiful cabinetry.
  • The opportunity to talk with and learn from one of the few true renaissance craftsman-engineers still inhabiting planet earth: Dale Harder."
Excerpts from a review by Mark Rosenthal, Colorado 11/15/2014

"If you have never heard a Walsh style driver or Speaker system you do not know what you are not hearing or missing and I thought I had heard it all. I have been in Audio Engineering and Recording for a very long time.

I decided to send Dale Harder of HHR Exotic Speakers a set of non-functional Walsh “F” speakers for re-manufacture. Not only was the workmanship and details flawless, but the 60+ improvements and the craftsmanship can only be compared to great artist's (Monet, Michelangelo,Van Gogh, etc.). The difference is little “High Hat” taps, the clarity of Vocals, etc. They reproduce realistic sound throughout the entire audio spectrum. When you close your eyes, it is like the vocalist is in the room with you.

Bottom line, it's an amazing speaker built by an amazing person and company!!!"

Excerpts from a review by Mike Ginnasio, Hopatcong NJ 08/15/14

"What the HHR TLS-1’s produce is much more than I could have conceived. The sound stage was more than a wide front facing curtain of sound, it was enveloping me. The amount of uninterrupted overtones produced by a single driver delivering the whole wave over the three different cone materials captured so many nuances in the timbre of all instruments it was mind boggling. I had never heard music produced this way. The sound is so three dimensional it actually becomes addictive, like some ride at Disneyland that stimulates senses you’d forgotten or didn’t know you had.

Dale Harder offers a hand built speaker with old world craftsmanship while incorporating cutting edge upgrades that bring this speaker design to a whole new plateau. At this price point it would seem impossible that you could acquire something of this quality custom built by a master like Dale."

Excerpts from a review by Dan Donofrio, Connecticut 01/21/13

"Hello: ...

So on to how they sound; Yeah, what does a crossover less, coherent Walsh Transmission line speaker sound like? In a word – Musical.

In more than a few words:

  1. These speakers produce what I consider to be the most believable soundstage of any speaker I have ever heard. It is three dimensional, accurate (not to be confused with the pin-point imaging which I consider inaccurate) and full. The listening room boundaries disappear with the performance in a way that can only be described as life like.
  2. Vocals sound WONDERFUL. You can “see” the performer in your mind. They sound very real. Male voice is chesty and breath-full with no boom. Think Leonard Cohen and smile. Female voice is glorious and never etched except when the recording is hard or strident. Think Allison Krauss and sigh. ..."

Excerpts from a letter by Fred Manheck 02/24/13

"Hi Dale: Happy holidays and new year to you and Yin. I've actually begun writing my speaker review. The problem is, that I'd rather listen to them than write about them."

Brad Powell 12/26/10

"Merry Christmas Dale... BTW the new TLS-1 speakers are awesome. Just as I remember them."

Bill Gonzo 12/24/10

"I've been the proud owner of a set of TLS-1's for almost 3 months now. To be brief They are simply astounding..... the descriptions can be endless. Silky smooth mids and highs, quick, tight, punchy sometimes startling bass. Dale's passion and knowledge of these"instruments" are unrivaled. He is willing to sit and listen to any questions about these speakers you may have for him. You can either go out and listen to a pair of speakers at his home showroom, or you can contact Dale Harder and purchase them direct. Thanks again Dale,...for everything."

John S. (Ocean County, N.J.) 12/23/10

"I love my Walsh speakers they are by far, the best that I have ever heard in my life and they are not even broken in yet! I am definitely a satisfied customer."

Hope all is going well for you!
Tony Pierco 10/21/10

"I have been the proud owner of Harder Walsh TLS speakers for about three years now.

When I first heard these speakers I was amazed at the detail present in the imaging of the stereo soundstage. In fact I was so much impressed that I had to have a set. Three years later and many speaker sets down the road, I am still amazed by these speakers.

I have them in a surround sound setup with Ohm Sound Cylinders for the back channels and an Ohm Walsh driver for the center channel. The TLS speakers are the front speakers. I consistently find myself turning off all other speakers and just running with the TLS. In fact even when used for movies, stereo by itself works wonderfully. The center channel is synthesized by the image created by the TLS speakers. So much in fact that I hear sounds that appear to come from around the room at times.

If you want the last set of speakers you will ever need to buy, then grab a set of Harder TLS speakers.

BTW: I watched him hand make the drivers. You don’t get that kind of attention from a factory."

Dr. Marc Rubin
Case Western University 2/16/2010

"Dale Harder's TLS 1 Speakers:

I have wanted a set of these speakers since I first heard them in 1978 at a stereo store in Indianapolis when I was about 19 years old. They were then known as the OHM F. I always bought OHM brand speakers such as the C2's and H models but could never afford the OHM F.

Well now that I can afford them, OHM no longer manufactures them. To The rescue comes Dale Harder with the TLS-1's. I bought a pair of original model OHM F off of Ebay that needed total repair from cabinets to drivers, surround foam, you name it.

I am glad I found Dale; he completely remanufactured these speakers with all of his engineered improvements.

All I can say is that these are my best set of speakers, and I have owned quite a few different brands and models through the years. Most speakers compromise some frequencies somewhere in the range. I believe the TLS-1’s have very few compromises.

One thing I really like about these, is the highs are never harsh or grainy sounding with CD's and other digital sources. Then there is the bass, there are some sounds that will really scare you, such as the sound of door closing in the material or a thunder crack, you owe it to yourself to listen to a pair.

If you are in the Phoenix area you can stop by my office anytime and grab a listen...

Thanks Dale,"

Mark B. Saylor 3/8/2010

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