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Glossary: Audio Terminology

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Acousta-stuff: Trade name for micro fiber used in stuffing cabinet enclosures.

Acoustic: Having to do with sound wave energy.

Alnico magnet: High energy magnet made from nickel, aluminum, cobalt and iron.

Aluminum: A silvery high strength ductile naturally occurring metal.

Aluminum baffle: A plate used to stop or direct sound energy made of aluminum.

Analog: Sound reproduced in a continuous fashion unlike digital bitts.

Analysis-Plus: Manufacture of very high end cable products and have the highest possible standards or quality.

Anechoic chamber: A room for testing speakers having no sound reflection at all.

Angle: Measured in degrees and referenced from horizontal or vertical.

Anodized aluminum ribbon wire: Wire having an insulation made from Al oxide.

Antique Sound Labs: Manufacture of superb quality stereo equipment.

Apogee Acoustics: Manufacture of the worlds finest ribbon speakers.

Artistic: As in the expression of art.

Asymmetrical: The right side differing from the left or the top from the bottom.

Audio: Term for sound or audible as in hearing.

Audio reviews: Written material usually on various audio equipment performance.

Audiophile: A person engaged in the hobby of music reproduction via Hi-Fi.

Aural: To hear.

Avalon Acoustics: Manufacturer of very high end speaker systems.


Baffle: A panel used to attenuate or change sound direction.

Bandwidth: Describes a block of frequencies from low to high or vice versa.

Bass: Low frequency sound.

Binding post: A metal post used to connect electrical wiring.

Birch Plywood: Birch wood panels made from many layers glued together.

Bybee Technologies: Manufacturer of Bybee Quantum Purifiers.


Carbon fiber: High strength space age composite material made from carbon fibers.

Cardas: Manufacturer of very high end cables and electrical conditioning equipment.

Cd’s: Commonly used term for Compact Discs, used to store music files.

Classical: A type of music or description of a timely product or event.

Coherent: Analogues to a laser beam with all sound waves traveling in lock-step.

Collage: A technique in which pictorial images or patterns and pieces of colored, textured material are superimposed onto each other.

Coherent Wave Transmission Line: A type of speaker driver.

Compression: A phenomenon that occurs causing electrical signals to get smaller.

Conrad Johnson: Manufacturer of some of the worlds finest tubed audio equipment.

Copper: Shiny orange highly conductive ductile naturally occurring metal.

Copper shorting ring: Used in speaker magnetic motors to prevent eddy current losses.

Copper wire: Electrical wire made from copper.

Crossover: An electrical dividing network used to send low, med and high freq. signals to bass, mid-range or tweeter speakers.


Damping: To attenuate or make less.

db: Symbol for decibel.

DDD: Dick’s Dipole Driver, manufactured by German Physiks.

Decibel: A measurement used to describe sound intensity level.

Dick’s Dipole Driver: As above…DDD.

Digital: Information stored as digital bits consisting of ones and zeros.

Distortion: Referring to an electrical signal that is not an exact copy of the first.

Dust cap: Cap (cover) used to cover voice coil and magnetic gap in a speaker.

Dynamic: Either very active or covering a large span from low to high.


Efficiency: The ratio of the effective or useful output to the total input in any system.

En ABL: Physical process having to do with sound boundary layers.

En ABL Process: Created by Bud Pervine of Onetics Corp..

Exotic: Unusual, beautiful, rare.

Exotic wood: Wood having character not found everyday or being rare.


Felted paper cone: Specially treated paper with very soft velvety touch.

Floor standing: Large upright standing speaker assemblies unlike bookshelf.

Flux: Used to describe the energy found in a speaker magnetic gap.

Former: The body of a voice coil assembly, can be made of many materials.

Frequency: Describes the sine wave value of signals in an electrical system.

Frequency response: The range of response for a given driver or speaker system.


German Physiks: Manufacturer of one of the only true Walsh drivers in the world other than HHR Exotics.

Gold: Shiny, bright yellow, very ductile naturally occurring metal.

Grill: The top or front panel of a speaker made of sound transparent fabric.


Hand crafted: Made by hand with precision crafting of components.

Harmonic: signal with a freq. that is ½ or double the fundamental signal.

Helmholtz Resonator: A tuned port used in speaker cabinets discovered by Helmholtz.

Hi-Fi: A term used to describe High Fidelity, popular when stereo began.

High density foam: A type of open cell poly foam with high density per cubic inch.

High end loudspeaker: Used to describe very high quality, usually expensive loudspeaker.

Hurricane DT-200: High power tube mono block amplifiers made by Antique Sound Lab.

Hybrid: Consisting of multiple drivers of different types, i.e. pistonic, ribbon, etc.


Impedance: Describes a load provided to an electrical circuit.

Improvements: Changes made, usually for the better.

Impulse: Usually an electrical test consisting of a single pulse at a specific frequency.

Isolation platform: A platform used to isolate outside sound vibration energy.


Jazz: A type of music.



Lambs wool: Used to stuff speaker cabinets to control sound resonance.

Landmark: An event that is of epic proportions.

Lamination: The process of building up thin layers of materials and bonding them together as one product under heat and pressure with an adhesive added.

Laser: Acronym of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Lincoln Walsh: Discoverer of the Walsh Driver principal.

Litz: Many wires that have been woven into a special pattern discovered by Litz.

Live music: Music performed live as opposed to recorded media.

Loiminchay: Chinese manufacturer.

Loud Speaker: Electrical device used to reproduce voice or sound signals.


Magico V3: Very High end Speaker made by Magico.

Magnetic motor: The part of a speaker responsible for turning electrical signals into sound.

Maple Shade Records: A high end music outlet and stereo equipment supplier.

Mass: What all things are made of. Consists of atoms of material.

Mass loading: Using various amounts of mass to act as a physical load on a driver.

MBL 101E: Very high end Omni directional speakers made by MBL.

MDF: referred to as Medium Density Fiberboard, used to make cabinets.

Metal foils: Metal sheets that have very low thickness is called foils.

Metal speaker cone: A speaker cone made largely of metal foils or stamped metals.

Mid-range: The middle of the acoustic range from 20Hz to 20Khz.

Moving mass: Any mass that is moving, having to do with physics.

Music: What we're all after.



Ohm: Used to describe an electrical resistance measurement or Walsh speakers.

Ohm Acoustics: Original manufacture of the Ohm Walsh “A” and “F” speakers.

Omni directional: Sound dispersal comes from all sides in a spherical pattern.

Orchestral: A large compliment of musicians such as the Cleveland Orchestra.


Passive component: Any component that does not play an active role.

Passive radiator: Usually a cone shaped sound radiator that has no voice coil or magnet.

Pattern: A design having discernable repeating qualities.

Performance: How well a given set of equipment or parameters behaves in practice.

Piston driver: A speaker having a cone shaped paper diaphragm that tries to move air.

Pistonic: Referring to a forward and backward motion as in a piston driver.

Planar: A speaker driver using a very thin membrane panel to make sound.

Pop: A style of music.

Ported box: A speaker cabinet that is not sealed and allows the back wave to exit via port.

Power handling: Describes the amount of electrical power a speaker can safely handle.

Proprietary:Describes a process, usually secret, belonging wholly to one manufacture.

Purity: Having no other elements.

Putty: A soft material resembling modeling clay.


Quality: How well something is made, or how good it may sound possessing quality


Radiation: Usually referred to as a non-ionizing radiation sound wave pattern.

Real time: An event that occurs in Real Time.

Recone: The process whereby a speaker driver is repaired to function as new.

Reconer: The person that recons speaker drivers.

Reconing: See recone, and reconer.

Recording: A duplicate of a live performance stored on CD, record, tape or hard drive.

Records: Vinyl disc having sound signals pressed into groves on the record surface.

Reflection: When sound hits an object it is reflected from the surface back into the room.

Refurbished: Making an old speaker or speaker system as new.

Repair: To fix something that is broken.

Reproduction: The act of playing music from any form of recording.

Resonance: Induced vibration of a material caused by the presence of external energy.

Ribbon speaker: Driver using an sound element made of a long thin metal ribbon.

Ribbon wire: Wire drawn in the shape of a ribbon.

Room acoustics: Every room has its own sound signature caused by reflection and absorption.

Room correction: Acoustically correcting any given room for unwanted sound reflections.


Sealed box: A cabinet possessing no air leaks whatsoever, providing support for the speaker cone on a cushion of air.

Silver: A semi-precious shiny soft and ductile metal. Very good electrical conductor.

Sine wave: a signal having a sinusoidal shape.

Single driver: Consisting of one speaker driver unit.

Sonic: Refers to sound propagation or movement.

Sonic balance: balance of sound.

Sound: 1.Vibration of air molecules upon the eardrum. 2.Vibration of air molecules caused by some motional disturbance.

Sound pattern: A discernable pattern in the sound.

Sound pressure level: Apparent loudness of any given sound within an acoustic space.

Sound velocity: The speed at which a sound wave travels in a given medium.

Sound wave: Ripples of sound processing through the air.

Speaker: Element or elements made to reproduce sound as in a speaker system.

Speaker magnet: Magnetic element used to create the magnetic flux energy in a Speaker motor.

Specifications: A list of all pertinent data regarding the speaker system performance.

Speed of sound: Generally accepted as a sound wave propagation of 1128 ft/sec in air.

Spider: A corrugated support used to center and stabilize the speaker voice coil.

SPL: Stands for Sound Pressure Level.

Square wave: The shape of an electrical signal used for testing audio equipment.

Standing wave: The presence of certain frequencies.

State of the art: Absolute top of the line current technology.

Stereo: Short for stereo system or stereo reproduction, also meaning two.

Stradivarius: A very famous very rare hand made violin, made by Antonio Stradivari or a member of his family.

Sub Woofer: A speaker unit responsible for producing the low register only.

Surround: An annular ring located at the edge of the speaker cone used to center the cone and absorb unwanted sound waves.

Surround sound: Sound that is perceived to come from all directions.

Sweet spot: Generally the listening spot that produces the most life like sound.


Technology: Relates to the development of science and engineering.

Time and phase distortion: Distortions relating to time and or phase of the original signal.

Time domain: An event that occurs during a specific time interval.

Tip toes: Metal cone shaped points mounted on the base of a speaker cabinet.

Titanium: An extremely strong, high temperature, dense and yet light metal.

Transient response: A driver’s ability to produce lightening fast response to an input signal.

Transmission line: Refers to an electrical or mechanical device that transmits signals.

Transparent: Crystal clear or sound having little or no distortion.

Treble: Another name for high frequencies.

True fidelity: Relates to the quality of true sound or an actual event.

Tweeter: The name given to a driver whose purpose is to produce high frequencies.


Ultimate: The best, the pinnacle.

Unconventional: Unlike the common items one may see daily.

Upgraded: Made better than the original.


Vacuum tube: An electronic device used to regulate the flow of electrons in a circuit.

Velocity: The speed at which something is moving.

Veneer: A thin layer of real wood applied to a cabinet’s outer surface.

Vinyl: A plastic material that most records are made from.

Voice: The act of speaking or of causing a driver to make sound.

Voice coil: The part of a drivers magnetic motor that is responsible for transmitting the electrical energy of a music signal to the driver.


Walsh speaker: The Walsh speaker driver.

Wall Fabric: A durable surface on a backing used to cover walls.

Walsh TLS-1: A true 12’ Walsh speaker now produced by HHR Exotics.

Walsh TLS-2: A true 18” Walsh speaker now produced by HHR Exotics.

Walsh transducer: Another name for the Walsh speaker driver.

Watts: The amount of power either delivered or expended by a process.

Wave: Description of sound or sounds as they travel through air.

Wave front: The oncoming or leading edge of a sound wave.

Wavelength: A measurement relating to the frequency of a sound wave.

Woofer: A driver usually used to produce the lowest registers.

World Class: Describing the ranking of similar items throughout the world.




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