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Lincoln Walsh was a remarkable engineer and inventor who almost single handedly brought the best omni-directional speaker ever to market. Sadly, today his original design is under-appreciated, and many of these amazing speakers are degrading unused in storage.

Find out about this amazing man, his design, and even how you can have your own updated Walsh Style TLS-1 or TLS-2 speakers.

>> Read "The Lincoln Walsh Story" here ...

The original Ohm Walsh F and A loudspeakers!

What was so amazing about these speakers, and why they were worth their weight in gold. Also in this document is what can be done to repair your old speakers, and upgrade them with modern materials that meet or exceed the original specifications.

  Completed new Walsh Style TLS-1 driver.

New matched high precision 10.75 lb. Alnico-V-7/Nd50
hybrid magnets (up to 11,000 gauss) with copper
shorting coils and caps installed.

How and why the Walsh Style TLS-1 and TLS-2 came to be!

HHR Exotic Speakers is the only known entity that can and does repair and upgrade these true works of art. Turning our expertise to making new loudspeakers from scratch was the next logical step. Putting over 45 years knowledge and 250 man hours into the construction of these loudspeakers may seem like madness, these are the lengths we go through to bring you some of the finest speakers in the world.

>> Birth of the TLS-1 and TLS-2 Walsh style speakers                       >> Some of our improvements and upgrades

New Walsh Style TLS-2

Now you can
have your own
updated Walsh Style TLS-1
or TLS-2 speakers.!


New Walsh Style TLS-1

For the true audiophile I have included here the actual spec. sheet for my Walsh Style TLS-1 and TLS-2 loudspeakers. Compare for yourselves.

>> TLS-1 and TLS-2 specifications.

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