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The Walsh “style” TLS-2 by Dale Harder


The TLS-1 designed by Dale Harder.

The highly advanced TLS-2 by HHR Exotic Speakers also shares its lineage with the venerable and widely acclaimed Ohm Walsh “A”. Although the design of the TLS-2 shares this heritage, like the TLS-1 it also benefits form the more than 61 improvements to its design making it a world class speaker.

The TLS-2 is a large floor stander that requires larger rooms for adequate sound reproduction. We recommend 400 to 800 square feet.

Frequency Response20 Hz to 20 KHz 
System Resonance17.5 Hz 
Sensitivity86 db @ 1 meter, 1 watt input 
Driver 18” diameter
15.5” high
2.1 lb. Alnico
V-7 slug
10.25 lb. magnet
10,000 gauss (1T)
Impedance (nominal)6 ohms 
Recommended Amplifier200 watts rms minmum
Max Power 3 seconds: 450 watts
30 seconds: 300 watts
Continuous: 200 watts
Horizontal DispersionFull 360 degree sound radiation pattern 
Vertical Dispersion3 db down at 50 degrees off axis @ 20 KHz. 
Sub Sonic Filter12 db/ octave  below 20 Hz
Protective FuseAGC 5 (Comes with HHR Silver Fuse)
Amplifier ConnectionCardas Gold binding post 
Cabinets and GrilleHand rubbed hard wood veneers.
Finished in satin or high gloss tung oil.
Grille Black, removable. 
Dimensions44” tall with grille,
24.5” by 24.5” at base
tapering to 18.25” by 18.25” at top
Recommended Room Sizes400 to 800 sq.ft. 
Other Attributes Floor standing Tower
Fully Time and phase Coherent 

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