Audio speakers that will transform your listening experience ...
“Think total immersion ...
There simply are no words that adequately describe these amazing speakers. The clear, full-range sound is so realistic and awe inspiring that hearing music through these speakers really is not just listening to music. The music actually seems to become a part of you.”

- one person's description of our
Walsh Style TLS-1 speakers.

The Walsh “style” TLS series 1 and 2 partially derived from the original Ohm Walsh “F” and “A”, now offered by HHR Exotics are true “Coherent Wave Transmission Line Drivers”. These fully omni directional speakers are based on the breakthrough design originally invented and patented
by Lincoln Walsh and made famous by the now legendary Ohm Acoustics Corporation.

During our pursuit of excellence in repairing and re-manufacturing the original Ohm Walsh speakers, it became apparent that the improvements we implemented represented an ENTIRELY NEW ENTITY. Our newly designed TLS series incorporates all these improvements and still remains faithful to the scope of the original Lincoln Walsh vision.

Our new Walsh “style” systems incorporate many advances that are now State-of- the-Art in cabinetry materials, magnetics and time tested old world craftsmanship. To fully comprehend the power and range of these loudspeakers, one must understand that over 61 improvements have been made to date from the original designs.

These improvements include new materials,magnetic drive refinements including precision high energy hybrid Alnico V-7/Nd-50 magnetic drive motors, stiffer suspension, improved cabinet construction and sturdier mounting techniques to further reduce vibrations and resonance, speaker baskets that are laser cut, laser welded and laser etched. The completed set of speakers feature constrained-layer composite cabinetry that are 2” to 3’ thick, stand 44” to 47 ˝” tall and can weigh from 187 lb each to 285 lb each depending on materials chosen with available options.

If you want some of the highest quality precision made, hand crafted new speakers or a complete remanufacture of an existing old series brought up to TLS standards that remain faithful to the original single speaker design envisioned by Lincoln Walsh, then HHR Exotic Speakers is the answer.

Imagine the benefits of a single Omni directional speaker with perfect time and phase alignment, fully coherent 360 degree sound dispersion, no active or passive crossovers whatsoever and covering the full audio spectrum. A true point source.

"If you want the last set of speakers you will ever need to buy, then grab a set of Harder TLS speakers"

"All I can say is that these are my best set of speakers, and I have owned quite a few different brands and models through the years"

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